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Cheerleading is FUN!
DDC offers quality instruction and training in all aspects of cheerleading.  Classes are offered for the following age groups:

  Mini                     Youth           Junior            Senior
ages 3-5      ages 6-8       ages 9-11      ages 12-14     ages 15-18

Show Team - A cheerleading team for beginners focusing on teaching the basics of cheerleading.  Curriculum will include motion technique, basic stunting, jumps, and cheer dance.  It is designed to introduce students to the joy of cheering!  This team will attend three local cheerleading competitions throughout the season to give exhibition performances.  Offered for the tiny, mini, and youth levels.  Click on the tab for Competition Teams for more information. 

Competition Cheer Team - An all-star cheerleading team focusing on training athletes in all areas of all-star cheerleading.  Students will be trained in motion technique, group stunting, jumps, cheer dance, and tumbling.  This team will compete at five to six competitions throughout the season at the regional, state, and national level.  Offered for the mini, youth, and junior levels.  Click on the tab for Competition Teams for more information.  
Competition Cheer

Cheer Prep - A cheerleading class designed to prepare students for junior high and high school cheerleading.  Skills include motion technique, group stunting, jumps, and cheer dance.  Emphasis will be on proper technique, skill progression, and performance quality.  This is a training class only and does not involve public performance.  Offered at the junior and senior levels.

Advanced SkillsJumps & Stunts - A class designed to teach proper technique, form, and flexibility for a variety of jumps as well as build stunting skills for flyers, bases, and back spots.  Flyers will be trained in flexibility, balance, and proper execution of body positions.  Bases and back spots will be trained in strength, timing, and proper technique for stunts, transitions, and cradles.  This is a training class only and does not involve public performance.  Offered at the mini, youth, junior, and senior levels.

Open Gym - This class is designed to give students training in the area of their choice. Cheer staff are available to train in tumbling, stunting, cheer technique, and overall tryout preparation. Students get exactly the training that they need when they need it, along with the space and time to practice their new skills.

Private Lessons - Private lessons with any of our senior staff are available for one-on-one training in tumbling, stunting, cheer technique, and tryout preparation. Lessons are in 30-minute increments. Privates can be scheduled online or at the front desk.  Must be a member of DDC to schedule private lessons.